Er blevet interviewet til det amerikanske venstrefløjs-magasin Jacobin om det danske valgresultat, om Enhedslisten og Venstrefløjen.

Læs med her:

“Yet we should also understand that the crisis of social democracy in Denmark, as across Europe, is no random occurrence. It is linked to these parties’ lack of social analysis. Basically, they maintain a class-collaborationist strategy as if the capital-labor relationship is the same as it was in the 1960s or 1970s.

The neoliberalism and austerity implemented over the last ten years is a way to accommodate the demands of the economic elite and what we in Denmark call the “competition state.” But the elites have forsaken their part of this agreement. Even though we have historically low unemployment, workers’ wage increases are minimal. The relationship between the elite and the Social Democrats is characterized by an increasingly dominant and oppressive elite and an increasingly submissive and servile Social Democratic Party.”